Ben Langley


Matt and I met during an England cricket development tour in South Africa in 2009. Immediately I recognised that we were both working with the same goal in mind – developing relationships with athletes so that we engage in joint plans to meet their needs. Matt excels in the ability to tailor his programs to the individual and is not afraid to take someone ‘back to basics’ to ensure that they can progress to optimum levels. Locker 27 provides that environment for Matt and his colleagues to help any athlete reach this potential. The Locker combines an abundance of work space with
key training kit to achieve something that caters for all varieties of strength and conditioning.

Ben Langley
National Lead Physiotherapist
England and Wales Cricket Board


John Dams


Locker 27 is the envy of any Professional sporting environment. A large space coupled with a sense of a place where hard work is done!

John Dams
Head of Performance
NSW Waratahs




Simon Shaw


An innovative, professional training environment.

Simon Shaw
England, British Lions, London Wasps Rugby





Alec Stewart


The team at locker 27 provide the skills and foundations to make you reach your potential.

Alec Stewart – OBE
England & Surrey Cricke



Nell McAndrew


Matt Church has created a fantastic gym that encourages and motivates people whatever their fitness level. Matt’s professional, welcoming and relaxed approach combined with his extensive knowledge is a winning combination. Locker 27 is how a gym should be. I wish I lived closer to be able to train there all the time!  Locker 27 is a place where you can push yourself to be your best.

Nell McAndrew
Model / Athlete

‘From tiny acorns mighty trees grow’

I’ve been lucky enough to use Locker 27 for the past 2 years – long enough to see it grow and develop into something really special. You’ll be hard pressed to find a training environment as well equipped as ‘the Locker’ anywhere in the local area, in-fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the most unique training facilities in the entire country! Bold statement I know, but you really have to see this place to believe it! ‘The Locker’ has pretty much everything you’d need for functional training; a fully stocked free weights area, olympic lifting platforms (with an abundance of high specification bars and plates), a matted area for boxing and circuit training, strongman equipment, 25m astro for speed and power work and a substantial open space for multi-use training (such as group sessions and structured play). All this, coupled with some very friendly, well qualified coaches, and you have pretty much everything you need to maximise your athletic potential. The rest is up to you!

Ben Wakefield 

Lead Academy Performance Analyst 

Queens Park Rangers Football Club

Locker 27 classes and gym facility are, in my opinion, unique in comparison to other gym facilities i have used in the past- from top class coaching for all ages and abilities to the Nutritional Juice bar and cafe.

For great help and advise no matter what you’r training needs are, then Locker 27 is the only place to train.

Vinnie Hogan- Member since September 2013

I signed up for Locker 27’s- Spartan training program after wanting to get some clarity around my current workout routine.   I had previously been training with a commercial gym a few times a week, and achieving OK results but not really where I wanted to be.

After a discussion with Tom, he developed a tailored 3 phase program to first reduce body fat and then go up in weight and muscle mass.  After the first 4-5 weeks I responded quite well to the fat loss, and was then ready to pack some muscle.  By the end of the program my body fat has dropped, and i’m happy with the level of muscle development.   Overall my strength has gone up substantially, I’m sleeping better, and feel I healthier.

My only complaint is that I’m at the end of the 12 weeks and have to look for a new goal!  Also I’ll need a new source for my work shirts as they are too tight in the arms!

Carl Wesson- Member since June 2015

Locker 27 has set an incredibly high standard as not only a training facility but as a training community.

Locker has totally opened my eyes to a whole new style of training which constantly challenges and pushes me, taking my level of fitness to the highest it has ever been.

Locker allows you the ability to gain new training skills and continue to develop others. When I look back now to my first Hybrid class it is amazing to think how much progress I’ve made and it is all thanks to the coaching, support and encouragement of the Locker family.

I would highly recommend Locker to anyone who is interested in gaining fitness regardless of where you sit on the scale. That is the great thing about Locker, the training it provides is for anyone of any ability and any age.

I feel so fortunate to have the ability to train at the Locker and I could never imagine training elsewhere.

Katey Halliday- Member since 2013