What is strength and conditioning?

Traditionally used in the professional sports arena, Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is a form of training for developing elite physical performance amongst all-star athletes. But now, people all over the world are using it, from all walks of life. From improving their golf swing, to eradicating their back pain, S&C and its powerful transformative effects are now more available to you than ever.

We look to strengthen the whole body from head to toe, spotting and improving weaknesses along the way. We’re after longevity and constructing a body that is going to last a lifetime, not just a season.

Essentially, S&C is based around getting you stronger and fitter. The Strength part refers to getting you stronger in order for you to handle physical demands safely and competently. This is partnered with Conditioning: increasing your capacity for exertion through movement, so that you can perform better for longer.

The role of the S&C coach for a sports team, for example, is to bridge the gap between the theories and applications of training. Our job as coaches is to help athletes become faster, stronger and more flexible. We assist sportsmen and women in bettering their performance, by building their muscular endurance and training their bodies to become vessels free of injury and full of vigour.