British Weightlifting- University Series at Locker 27

January 24th & February 21st 2015


Get the experience lifting in front of official referees in a stress free environment, in preparation for the grand finale at the British Student Championships 2015.

The London University Series is three competition events, looking at introducing new student lifters to the platform. This is the perfect competition to the complete rank beginner, and is ran using a “round” system to make things logistically easier for you as a lifter.

Although the winners per event will be declared by the total weight lifted, the series winner shall be declared by using a points system accumulated over all of the events. So you don’t have to focus on performance to win, just make sure you attend all of the events.

Give yourself the best chance of success at the British Student Championships 2015, by attending the London University Series and gaining some valuable experience


As the event is being held at Locker 27 any members of the Locker are encouraged to enter the Comp for a bit of practice and to give the Uni guys a run for their money.

Follow the links below for more information &  to enter


For all other enquiries please email or

Spectators very welcome!

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