Dodgeball Comp 2014- Many Thanks

An absolutely brilliant turnout from members, family & friends

“Great fun at Christmas for a worthwhile cause, The Clubhouse Project whilst having a few beers with friends”

On Saturday 6th December 2014 we held our bi annual Locker 27 Dodgeball Tournament in association with Dodgeball UK with the aim to raise funds for a Charity close to our hearts here at Locker 27- The Clubhouse Project.

Clubhouse Project

And again this year our members and friends didn’t disappoint. Over 100 people turned out to spectate or take part in the dodgeball tournament, a game in which players, in teams try to hit opponents with a large ball.

10 teams competed for the title of Locker 27 Dodgeball champs. We had teams come from all over Surrey including  teachers from St Georges Primary and Kingston Grammar School , a team put together of local Strongmen, a Crossfit team, Weybridge Cricket Club, Harlequins Strength & Conditioning, Ride Cobham and not forgetting the two teams submitted by Locker 27 itself the Average Joes & Globo Gym.

The Tournament started at 5:30 with drinks and nibbles heading straight into a round robin with each team playing until finally one was named champ.

Next the competition really ramped up with teams playing for ultimate glory. The two Locker teams, colleagues by day adversaries by night fiercely battling not to be the loosing team. The Kingston Grammar School teachers found themselves up against St Georges School where it was braun over brains on this occasion. Then possibly the most interesting battle of the evening was the mammoth Harlequins S&C guys versus the even bigger Strongman team- it was a case of size certainly doesn’t equal speed with these giants flinging themselves across the court.

There was a fantastic atmosphere from start to finish with friends and colleagues coming together for a fun night of unique sporting battles with drinks to celebrate another year at Locker 27 whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause. We’re all aware we need to give a little back at Christmas and everyone who turned up to this great event certainly achieved that this year.

Here at Locker 27 we’d like to thank each and every man, woman and child who turned up to celebrate another year at the Locker. Thank you so much for all the funds we raised and here’s to a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

See you all at the next Dodgeball tournament- Summer 2015!

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge!




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