Inamojo Well-Being Course for children at Locker 27



What is Inamojo?

Inamojo™ is a unique well-being program for children of primary school ages (from 5 to 8 for this first series). Our heart-felt mission is to help empower young children with life-tools and life-skills for life-long well-being. Peek inside a class and you will see the children wiping away a dragon sneeze with feathers, or moving like wolves. They may be creating art in a magic circle, or reaching up like trees. The classes are playful, creative and full of magic, as this is how children best learn life-skills and life-tools. Yet inamojo™ is not play alone; it is deeply grounded in childhood development theories, Eastern wellbeing philosophies and Jungian Psychology. It turns out play is a very serious business!


The first course is a 9 week program called ‘Naga’s curse’. We meet once a week for an hour. Each class begins with a breathing exercise and a guided meditation, followed by a fun mindfulness activity. We then read a story and bring the characters alive with music and movement. The children then put their feeling onto paper with some magic circle art and finally we close with another short meditation and breathing exercise. There is also a circle time for discussion on each theme in a safe nurturing environment. There is beautiful music specifically composed to compliment each week’s colour and story theme.


Week 1 – Introduction to inamojo and all its elements and to Naga the friendly dragon.

Week 2 – Red class – theme; safety, security, family units and instincts.

week 3 – Orange class – theme; emotions, self expression and play.

week 4 – Yellow class – theme; self esteem, self confidence, courage and the impacts of bullying.

week 5 – Green class – theme; jealousy, empathy, compassion and love.

Week 6 – Blue class  – theme; effective and clear communication and speaking your truth.

Week 7 – Indigo class – theme; imagination, dreams, setting goals and manifestation.

Week 8 – Violet class  – themes; self awareness, thinking and meta cognition.

Week 9 – Integration class where we revisit the key concepts of the program and conclude the story of Naga’s Curse.

Why inamojo?

The ever-accelerating pace of change in the world means that the children of today in some ways have more opportunities than ever before – but they also face greater challenges. Over-stimulation, over-medication, family fragmentation and dietary issues are all contributing to dramatic increases in health-related disorders. Diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder are on the rise. Obesity and eating disorders are endemic. The negative impacts of bullying are amplified dramatically by new technologies such as social media platforms. Our children can too often be left feeling confused, anxious, isolated and fearful, with no real sense of how to navigate their way through life.

 Inamojo teaches children life skills, it teaches mindfulness and meditation tools that the children can use when emotions get ‘too much’ or they feel anxiety levels rise or worry creeping up. It also helps teach them to love themsleves and others in a respectful compassionate way and how to use their words to express themselves.

How to book…

The next inamojo course will run on Fridays from 4pm until 5pm in the Locker 27 Yoga Studio (map in contacts page) the next course starts on Friday 12th May until Friday 14th July (no class Friday 2nd June). The 9 week course costs £150.00 – Each course has a maximum of 10 children.

Please e-mail Julia at to book or ask any questions.

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