Training Programmes- Introductory Offer Ending Soon

Since we launched our Training Programmes back in March we’ve seen a variety or eager trainers, gym novices, athletes and numerous other dedicated individuals put their health & well being first and start on one of the Training Programmes.

The positive feedback has been overwhelming and we’re so pleased that people have taken up this new service here at the Locker.

For the next 3 days you can still purchase the Spartan or Trojan programmes at the introductory offer prices.


The Spartan package is a fully personalised programme, with support along the way.

Duration: 12 weeks

As part of the package you will receive:

  • A monthly pack outlining your training
  • Nutritional guidelines to support you in your pursuit of your chosen physical goal
  • Weekly/ Bi-weekly face to face meeting with Tom to review & provide support
  • Email support from Tom
  • 6 month Locker 27 specifically designed training diary
  • Locker 27 T-Shirt

Price: Introductory offer £120- 1/3 Off.  Normal Price £180

£60 off the Normal Price for a programme tailor made specifically for you!

And don’t forget you can pick up your free T-Shirt & Training Diary

The Trojan Programmes are four different types of training, whether you’re looking to get bigger, stronger, leaner or fitter.

Duration: Each Trojan programme is 12 weeks. This timeframe allows you to witness real results.

Price: As an introductory offer each Trojan Programme is £40- 1/3 off.  Normal Price £60

The 4 Trojan Programmes are as follows:


With a strong hypertrophy focus, this programme is designed with one thing in mind – getting you bigger.


Fat loss is the aim without spending countless hours doing cardio.


Want to increase your explosiveness? How about boosting your numbers in key lifts? If you’re looking to get stronger look no further.


To improve your performance and robustness for the sport of CrossFit.  This programme will complement your training here with the CrossFit Locked Up crew.

That’s £20 off the original price for a  great 12 week programme. Just in time for Summer!


To enquire and purchase your programme at the Introductory Offer prices please email before Monday.


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