Who will take the crown?



Who will take the crown to be Locker 27’s ‘Nuttiest’?

Located in Dorking, Surrey, near London, The Nuts Challenge Mud Run (obstacle course) is an approximately 7km long course with a country mile to start, and is one of the most challenging military style assault courses out there – with around 100 obstacles per 7k!

Locker 27 and local children’s hospice Shooting Star chase have partnered to offer the Locker 27 crew an opportunity to put their training to the test and take part in some healthy competition to see who will be crowned Locker 27’s ‘Nuttiest’, all whilst raising money for a good cause! Using the link below, you can enter a team of 5 to undertake the race on Saturday 1st March at 12pm:


This course is owned and run by ex-parachute regiment soldiers who take part in various challenges around the world. Designed to push individuals to their limit, see below to know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself in for!

For further information about the day and also tips on the best way to train for an event like this, please speak to one of us in the gym. Keep an eye out for the addition of ‘Adventure Race’ hybrid sessions to the class schedule to learn how to overcome some of the tougher obstacles in preparation for the day!

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