Hybrid Conditioning

A tough conditioning class scaled to fit all. After a thorough warm up, movement-prep and technique work it’s time to take on a challenge using various tools including barbells, tyres, kettlebells etc. These sessions are run by experienced Strength & Conditioning Coaches who know their stuff and can prescribe challenging but extremely tough sessions safely.


Strength & Performance

A coach led, performance driven class designed for recreational or competitive athletes incorporating barbell, gymnastics and cardio proven principles. This programme is designed to get you leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier from beginners through to the elite.

Speed & Power

A session made for any athlete wanting to improve their athletic performance. It is a session designed to do what it says on the tin. Run by experienced S&C Coaches it will show you innovative methods to improve your speed, power and technique that you would only see in a professional sporting environment.


Olympic Weightlifting

Hone your techniques on all Olympics lifts for example Snatch and Clean & Jerks. Our Coach Mark Hill level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor, British Weightlifting Coach and a BWL referee will teach the correct way to lift. Whether it is to smash a PB or to improve sports performance this class is an invaluable addition to your training.


Power Lifting

Our power lifting sessions are run by Strength and Conditioning Coach Sid Atkinson. Learn how to optimise your Squat, Bench and Deadlift through club programming and proven weight training methods.



BoxFit101 aims to inspire people to participate in Boxing. It uses variations of boxing drills, techniques and exercises to enhance an individual’s performance in sport, general health and overall fitness. Click here for more information


Aerial Fitness

Aerial fitness is a fun and exciting way to strengthen your upper body and core, improve balance and coordination and build confidence. Using aerial skills and hoop the class will teach you to safely climb, suspend and pose gracefully in the air combining power and beauty. Click here for more information


Muay Thai

Classes are designed to teach the art of Muay Thai with focus on technique and fitness incorporating bag drills and pad work, footwork, movement and combinations. Ladies Thai Fit classes include fitness circuits with key exercises for core strength and stamina, whereas the mixed Muay Thai class includes optional sparring sessions. Click here for more information