Training Programmes

Locker 27 are now providing you with specialised training programmes to help boost your performance to the next level.

If you think it’s time to remove the guess work from your training and avoid common pitfalls that the mainstream won’t tell you about, then Locker 27 Programming is for you.

Consisting of qualified, proven methods that achieve results at an elite level, Matt has tailored these winning formulae to fit those of you looking to enhance your performance, whatever your goal may be.

This service is available to all, not just Locker 27 members. You can perform your workouts here at the Locker as a member, or at any well-equipped gym.



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Spartan Package

The Spartan package is a fully personalised programme, with support along the way.

Duration: 12 weeks

As part of the package you will receive:

  • An initial consultation to discuss your training history and programming requirements
  • Consistent email support through the duration of your programme
  • 6 month Locker 27 specifically designed training diary

Price: £180



Trojan Programmes


The Trojan Programmes are three different types of training, whether you’re looking to get bigger, stronger, leaner or fitter.

Duration: Each Trojan programme is 12 weeks. This timeframe allows you to witness real results.

Price: £60

The 4 Trojan Programmes are as follows:


With a strong hypertrophy focus, this programme is designed with one thing in mind – getting you bigger.


Fat loss is the aim without spending countless hours doing cardio.


Want to increase your explosiveness? How about boosting your numbers in key lifts? If you’re looking to get stronger look no further.


For more information and to purchase the Spartan Package or Trojan Programmes please email or see a Member of the Locker 27 Reception Team.