Revolution Riders

Indoor Cycling is a fast paced workout, free from the constraints of British weather and guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

Led only by qualified instructors and taken within the new Locker 27 indoor cycling studio, Revolution Riders is the latest aerobic challenge to be featured on our timetable.

No experience necessary, just book online, choose your bike and get ready to pedal your way into new realms of fitness.

Just Ride

Get your sweat on in our indoor cycling class. 45 mins of instructor lead indoor cycling, riding to motivating sounds with power and speed drills that will get your heart rate racing. All fitness levels welcome.

Lift & Ride

The ultimate multi training class. 30 mins of weight lifting drills followed by 30 minutes of high energy riding. Mix up your training for the best results. Suitable for all fitness levels. To get the most out of this class we recommend booking a 1-1 with coach Katey Byrd to learn movement techniques.

Ride & Run

Love a brick session? Great for triathlon training or for anyone who wants to push their training outside of the comfort zone. 30 minutes riding followed by 30 mins running, you know you want to!

Endurance 75

Test your endurance with our extended 75 minute ride. Instructor lead class containing power drills and long climbs. Prepare to feel like a champion!

The Power Hour

Time to get sweaty in our 60 minute indoor cycling class, focusing on your Power through Hill Climbs, Intervals and Time Trials.

Let our awesome Instructor lead the way, whilst listening to motivating music. This class will get your heart rate racing and you’ll see that power build!

All fitness levels welcome.

07719 329925

Class Timetable

Class Packs

Locker 27 Member 10 Class Pack

                          £100 (email to buy)

Locker 27 Member 1 Class Pack

                         £12.00 (email to buy)

All riders will need to create a Revolution Riders account on our booking system in order to buy packs and secure your bike for your class. You can drop in to a class and pay for a 1 Class Pack however there will be no guarantee that there is a bike available. Your best bet- book online!

The Introduction Pack can only be purchased once.

The 3 & 5 Class Packs must be used within 3 months and the 10 & 15 Class Packs must be used within 6 months.

Revolution Riders is an independent company which runs it’s awesome classes out of Locker 27, therefore these classes are not included in the Locker 27 class membership package.