NEW- Online Coaching

Locker 27 are now providing you with specialised online training programmes to help boost your performance to the next level.

If you think it’s time to remove the guess work from your training and avoid common pitfalls that the mainstream won’t tell you about, then Locker 27 Online Programming is for you.

Consisting of qualified, proven methods that achieve results at an elite level, the team have tailored these winning formulae to fit those of you looking to enhance your performance, whatever your goal may be.

This service is currently available only to Locker 27 members. However stay tuned as we’re looking to roll this out to everyone from January 2019!

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The Locker Way

£25 per month via direct debit. Delivered straight to your smart phone

The Locker 27 Online Coaching Programme is designed to provide you with challenging and progressive workouts specifically targeting each pilar of physical fitness; Strength, Conditioning and correct movement mechanics.

As a member of our online community, you will receive 5 workouts per week that incorporate a range of strength and conditioning components to allow you to achieve new levels of strength and fitness whilst improving your body composition and general health and well being.

The Programme will consist of workouts focusing on:

– Key Strength Lifts

– Accessory Work

– High Rep Finishers

– Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning

You will have full access to our private Facebook group which will be able to provide you with constant support, answer any questions you have whilst providing you with a platform to share your progress throughout the programme. You will also receive the full support from our highly experienced Locker coaches and have access to video demonstrations on the key lifts to make sure you are maximising each workout.

Email for more information and details on signing up